Hildi Borkowski, a lifelong New Jersey resident, began taking photographs as a hobby over thirty years ago. Since then, this hobby has evolved into her passion. Having been self-taught, her photography has realized great personal satisfaction. She keeps abreast of new techniques by attending seminars and courses offered in such places as The New York Botanical Gardens and other educational institutions.

Photography has enabled her to experience life from a new perspective, realizing that peace can only come from within oneself. She has found the natural beauty of landscapes and nature to be peaceful and comforting, and to hold the most inspiration. From oceans to mountains and everything in between, she is compelled to capture those images. She has been known be intrigued by nature’s smallest creatures, from the intricate designs of spider webs, to nested hatchlings huddled together waiting for their next meal. Although inspiration comes from extensive travels, she finds most of her subjects in unexpected places close to home.